Bikes + coffee = no brainer


“Cycling and coffee simply go hand in hand. The first few hours of a ride are fueled by the morning cup. Easy coffee shop spins are the standard on the cruisy days, no matter if you’re in America, Australia, Italy, Spain, or Belgium.” – Ted King, US pro cyclist

Somebody has said that cycling and coffee go together like fish and chips. It all started in the early days of Tour de France when a shot of espresso was the first doping for many cyclists providing instant energy boost and (probably) impacting their performance results. Even coffee-related companies such as Italian espresso machine manufacturers Faema and Saeco or Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia have been sponsoring pro cycling teams. It’s not a secret that caffeine is officially a performance enhancing drug (you can read more here) and a lot of cyclists cannot imagine a ride without a dose of that.

This might be a reason why there are more and more cycling cafes popping up in London, but catching up with a trend wasn’t a reason we decided to turn our bike shop into a cycling cafe.

Since we do a lot of short repairs (like puncture, brakes etc.) when people prefer to wait on the spot, we got a lot of questions about where the nearest coffee shop is. At that time there was actually not a one proper cafe around, so we decided to do a favour to our customers and ourselves by opening one 🙂

It seems to be working. Many people have a coffee and/or a sandwich here while waiting without a need to go out (especially in a rainy cold weather), moreover, a place now also attracts people who have nothing to do with cycling and just want to have a nice cuppa.

At last, but not the least, we feel much better working in a much nicer and cozier environment than before the reconstruction. And the extras include the best Monmouth coffee, free lunch and irresistible pastries.


Machine today (above) and before as Velodro (below)


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