5 years cycling in London statistics

I’ve been cycling in London on a daily basis since July 2011 and have always wanted to calculate how much time I’ve spent in a saddle and how many times I’ve crossed the famous Tower Bridge (since our cycle cafe is on the other side of the Thames than our living place), so I did some numbers and the results are following:

July 2011 to March 2016

Total weeks of cycling (excl holidays 3-4 weeks per year): 228

Total days of cycling (approx. 6.5 days/week): 1482

Total hours spent in a saddle: ~1500

Longest distance cycled the same day: 170 km

Number of times Tower Bridge crossed: 2736

Number of pictures made by tourist on Tower Bridge appeared in: at least 1000

Number of bicycles ridden: 5 + Boris bikes

Number of punctures within 5 years: no more than 10

Cycling Lndx

And still counting!

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