Rocking in Marseille


The 8th of March is special for me not only because of International Women’s Day. Six years ago, in 2010, when I was living in Marseille, on that day my first and only rock band Vik’n’buddies gave its first gig at the Euromed’s university bar Foyer and won a music competition.


Chris (bass) set up the band straight after we first met and exchanged information that we both love music and I can sing (the fact that I can sing rock and not only classical music was en fait a discovery for myself too). He knew JP (guitar) and Flo (drums) who were also keen musicians and decided to make something out of it. That’s how Vik’n’buddies (obviously not my suggested name) was born.


Chris rented some studios for rehearsals, we all were learning popular covers by various artists and did some unforgettable gigs in other places in Marseille. When I look back to those days I realize that that was something so special, so vibrant, so crazy and so much of fun that it makes me feel nostalgic and in a way old (especially compared to my current singing environment)…

At least I’m happy I did that and met those three incredible French friends who are now scattered all over the world. I’m actually meeting JP in Japan next month and maybe one day will visit my ‘godfather’ Chris in Australia too. And who knows, maybe Vik’n’buddies will reunion at least for its 10th anniversary and will do a gig for its loyal fans somewhere in Marseille, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sidney… or wherever wind blows us 🙂


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