About CC

Hello or should I say MEEEOOOOW!!!

Welcome to my blog. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it and getting to know me better. The idea to write a blog has been laying in my head for a while with some premature attempts to write in the past until one day this cold, windy and ‘so English’ (as some would say) rain has awakened a hibernating bear (or a hamster) inside my right creative hemisphere and I said to myself: I want to write and it’s a high time I do it! I’ve just got so many interesting stories to tell from my daily life that it would be very selfish to keep everything just for myself, I have to share them with the world (or at least with those who are interested + my family and friends who’ve no idea what I’m doing in that London)!

And so the Cycling Cat was born.

profile vik red


If you don’t know me yet, it’s time for introduction! My real name is Viktorija and I am a merrily married merry girl living in London and trying to enjoy her life to the full.

Having lived here for 6 years I have gained some unforgettable memories and experiences as well as built up my own business. Started as a small bike shop four years ago with the Man of my life, more than a year ago I stepped again outside my comfort zone to expand business into a cycling cafe and challenged myself to serve the best flat whites and cakes in the area. How is it going so far can be found under a ‘coffee’ tab in a blog 😉 The challenges I’ve faced and people I’ve met are the biggest rewards and the most interesting stories I want to share with you here.

I also love cycling and do it more or less every single day. You can even find my approx cycling statistics  here. Furthermore, I try to go for a cycling holiday or do a sportive at least once a year. I’m sharing with you my best moments in the most amazing countries I’ve cycled.

Finally, I sing. I’ve done few really exciting projects with couple choirs in London and am further looking to develop my solo career.

So that’s pretty much all the major facts about me. Got something in common? Feel free to comment any post or drop me an email. Also you can follow my blog and receive notifications about new posts published.

Why Cycling Cat? Well, the name has obviously come from my daily activity and a pet my hubby sometimes calls me. Green eyes, plastic moves, meowing and purring sometimes… You know 🙂

Enjoy reading!

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