I learnt to cycle only when I was fourteen, but the next ten years don’t really count as experience comparing to the one gained in London within last 5 years with all its daily challenges, crazy traffic, even crazier drivers and seeing the biggest and busiest city in Europe little by little becoming a cycle-friendly place.

I won’t lie, I was s**t scared when I first for on a bicycle in 2010 on a busy London road. I am from a little town in Lithuania myself and even when I was cycling in Vilnius I usually used pedestrian walkway since cycling on a road along with other vehicles can often be equal to suicide over there.

But London was a jungle. I’m so happy that I had the best cycling tutor – my husband who practically taught me how to ride a bike from scratch. Because keeping your balance on a bike is only piece of cake comparing to the skills how to stay safe on the roads.

So in July 2011 when I quit my boring office job I first got a freedom and then started my exciting part of life by starting a venture. And both freedom and venture have been always related to cycling – no wonder that sooner or later this Cycling Cat blog has been born.

Let me show you my five bikes I’ve been riding in London since and the most exciting routes on them.